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Why buy tin painting?
07.20.2022 | Tinpainting | blog
Why buy tin painting?

The warm and warm interior design style returns. Welcome to the retro style that the brand loves with a metal plate, and I am delighted at home. As a decoration in the most original style of the metal originals we made for you, we have created the most retro vintage style for you.

Vintage Advertising Sheet Metal: Back to Basics

Our signature styles are varied and you can find them all in our collection of vintage style plates.

Brands love this support, it can be used with your board for any long-lasting durability, and the convenience, modern metal in places our store offers, is easy to install and ready to use. All rooms in a home or apartment.

Tinpainting lets you relive these iconic vintage designs in 20x30/30x30/30/40/15x30 cm of them for your interior reimagined. There's a real allure with a modern design at the same time!

How to achieve retro decoration?

Vintage trends are slowly taking over our interior spaces, with the fifties and sixties topping the list of the most sought-after eras in retro interior composition.

But how to succeed with its retro decor?

You can start by playing with colors, the idea is not to overdo it. The 50s and 60s were marked by warm and candid colors. Take the time to soften and blend them to avoid creating interiors close to Hollywood movie sets.

We can only advise you to play with the details too! Vintage posters, sheet metal, and retro-inspired lighting and framing, so many elements are visible, but carefully maintain this retro side in your decor without investing heavily in furniture.

Last but not least, mix styles! Vintage goes well with more modern decor if you respect a certain harmony when choosing. Don't overdo it, this is the absolute rule when it comes to decor (but also style) retro.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team and they will be happy to answer you.